Ordering information:

If you haven´t done yet, you can download the program DEVAKEY   here
and test it fully - it only won´t save until you register the software.

When you start the program, click on the "register"-button and note down your serialnumber of Devakey. With this serialnumber you can get your registrationkey.
You can also order now and send the serialnumber to me later via email. 

I have found an onlineshop with fair conditions, that allows you to make a secure order. You may pay with creditcard, cheque or even cash in many currencies.


  • You can buy DEVAKEY for only US$ 60,-  /  € 60,-  

  • If you are a student or have no substantial income,
    you can get DEVAKEY for US$ / € 20,-

  • If you are from India or live in a developing country, you may get a special price of US$ 7,-.


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