A recommendation:

"After months of unsuccessful web searches for a truly useful devanagari font and font manager program, I found DEVAKEY.
The program is remarkable.
Within half an hour, I had the program downloaded, up and running, and I was typing away in devanagari.
Conjunct consonants are obviously the greatest hurdle to typing devanagari characters on a qwerty keyboard.
I never thought a program could handle this problem with such ease; after an hour's practice I was typing fluently in devanagari.
The program is integrating seamlessly with Word.
In a few minutes, I produced lessons for my classes -- a vast improvement over what I could produce by hand.
I have already recommended the program to my students.
DEVAKEY is, in fact, the only program that I have recommended to them.
In my opinion, the program is in a class by itself.
Thank you,
Herman Tull, Ph.D.
Department of Classics
Princeton University

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